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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Birthday Celebration :)

First round with my four golden flowers gang!
However, Mit mit not free that time.
I was shocked when my mum called me out of my room ..
&&& They started to sing birthday song to me with a lovely birthday cake and birthday present..*touching*
Thanks a lot. I love you guys! =)
Next, went to Sri Petaling for dim sum.. Cool! One of my favourite food. What a lovely morning huh?
After that, we went to Carrefour and walked around ... Guess what? I bumped into my ex and his car just next to Ern Hui's car in the car park lot. I was like..... what a coincident! What a surprise..
Something bad happened , we LOST the parking ticket! No choice but have to pay 50 bucks to solve it out..
Lol =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Eve.

He's retarded.
He's having problem for posing.
That's why he is not able to take a normal photo..
*Yes,you're! Don't kill me when you read this.*
TA-DA! My first birthday present of the year..
lol This is sucks.
Because it's about 2 am ++


This is what I love the most when I'm not feeling well and there's a homemade breakfast for you.
So lovely.
Love you my dear... ^^

The unpredictable girl's birthday celebration

Angel the Wong.Hehe!
Date of birth: 24th of April (Just two days before my birthday)
Location: Belakong (One of my favourite place, few of my best friends and relatives staying there)
Angel, the independent girl. She's cool and have her own style.
She's my ex-schoolmate. My class just next to her class.
Both of us have a mutual best friend, Mit Mit aka Michelle.
All my uni-mates, they're fun, crazy and terrible!!
Let photos do the talking.
End with this!
Let's rock the sem 3!
Party starting~~


Oh gosh! I like this effect to the max! <3 <3 <3
Kindly visit for more photos
Thanks Wai Wah for this photo.
I like this as well.. Sorry for the weird mouth..
For more photos feel free to visit
This is why I like KL Convention Center washroom!
Right one Peggy Lim.. She only worked for 1 day.. Hope to work with her again.
All the Panasonic Show Girls..
The second left : Chhoy Yeen , I worked with her before for the awards dinner event
The middle left: Deseree , my secondary schoolmate.
What a coincident!This world is small~
Got this from one of the photographer, William ^^
First time working for PIKOM PC Fair..
So cool!My exam fell on 7th,11th, 12ND and 22ND of April.. So that I was able to work for the PIKOM PC Fair.. Thanks God~
At first, don't get to use it due to crowded situation..
I was like stuck in the middle and couldn't concentrate on my job.. A little mess up situation~
Started to enjoy it after a little while.
I bumped into a lot of my friends, schoolmates. colleagues, ex-classmates, cheer leading members and more and more..
So excited! More over, I met a lot of photographer, I felt like an artist *Just dreaming* when few photographer taking photo of me at the same time and I was just keep on posing, while the others are looking at me.Thanks Janet for the job.
Happy to work with all the Panasonic Show Girls, crews and the exhibitor..
I'm going further =)

SuperGT 2008, Malaysia

What is Super GT?
Check out this video and you'll know more about Super GT in Malaysia!
Besides that, you can see a lot of HOT &&& SEXY Japanese girls ;D
My saliva is dropping out~~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super GT.

DG Color Model Search 2011 will be held in conjunction with Super GT 2011. This year's DG Color Model Search 2011 winner will be going over to Japan for a GT Queen training and she will stand a chance to represent the team on the Finals of Super GT 2011 in Japan
Super GT is actually a grand touring racing series from Japan and have a ;arge fan base. Malaysia is only round outside of Japan.
Organizer : DG Color Model

This is actually Super GT Malaysia Queen Search 2011 by DG Color.
Third around of audition.
Both of us AGAIN :)
with Connie babe.. Before the audition..
Location: Taylor's Lakeside Campus
Date: 14/4/2011
Time: 11.30 am
I'm contestant no.3 while she's no.4.
I like this photo especially the background.
Belive it or not?!
This is my very first time participating in a this kind of contest..
Wish me luck!Although I don't think I will get into the final but I will try my best..
During the audition.. *Nervous Nervous Nervous*
I was like keep on sweating due to the sunny day..
By Her Iphone..
lol Love this because Connie said that I look sexy here! ;Pp
My lucky number and I..
Yes, I've made it into the semifinals!
Both of us without the make up
After the audition and meal in Passion, Sungai Long.
We went to Mid Valley for Sushi King..
What a GOOD GOOD day!

Golf Tournament.

What did you see?
YES! It's actually a pant. Not skirt.
Classic 2011 Cross Greek Pharmaton Golf Tournament @ Nilai Spring Golf and Country Resort
Yes, Nilai Golf Club. Seriously,damn far from my area.
Luckily, Vincent, the agent fetch both of us to there.
Guess what? This event started at 6am++ until 3pm.
The night before, Mit Mit overnight at my house.
And, we woke up at 4am for the make up and preparation.
Such a crazy night! We only fell asleep at 2am +, which means we only sleep for 2 hour on that night.
I felt sorry to my dark circles. :'((
Vincent reached my house around 5.45am.He couldn't reach my place at first. This is a normal case. A lot of my friends couldn't find my place as well. They thought Sungai Besi is Taman SungaI Besi , but actually is two different places. Started our job around 6something. Registration and redemption and etc etc.
LOL Something interesting. We straight away went to the ladies washroom after eating breakfast.
We were sleeping insides the washroom. This is not a joke. The washroom is quite big just like a living room and few sofas there as well. We were sleeping on the sofa .. during the rest time.
Back to work around 10.30 am ..Something cool! We went through the whole golf course by buggy. Of course, we can't drive the buggy by ourselves. The crew there was our driver...Awesome, new experience!
After that, went back to our 'rest room', the washroom AGAIN! lol Nap time again! =
Then only back to work and had lunch around 2pm.
Thanks Vincent and Julien for the job.Well,this is actually the first time working with Mit Mit!
Lol vincent asked me to look for another girl to work with me that day. So, I just asked for her help..
I was sleeping all along the way in the car while going back home.
Too sleepy.. ><
On stage~
Hearrrrrrrt this! Photo of the day! Just because of the buddy.
End with this.
Night everyone! ^^

Monday, May 2, 2011

Journey with the THICK hair guy :p

Best picture ever.
Because both of us look sucks*LOL!*
As I remember, the celebration was just few days before the finals.
So, you can see the pimples around my forehead.
Once I stepped into the car, he straight away pass the pink Polo T to me.
My first expression was like.. "Wow, Pinkish couple Polo T?"
HAHA. Thanks ya. I like that colour!
As usual,went to the old place, Mid Valley.
We were so hungry that time, hunting for food.
TA-DA! Here you go!


which is located in The Gardens. Opposite to Sushi Zan Mai.
It's all about Taiwan Cuisine and focusing on noodle, rice and Taiwanese deserts.
I never been there before.This is the first time.
(p/s: Some information of the restautant.)
Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T208, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+603) 2282 8699
Note: No reservations allowed on Fridays - Sundays
Please take note that It's non-halal restaurant.Open daily till 10pm.
This is mine. Chicken chop set with soup of the day.
I can't recall the name of the set and the price of it.
No worries, the price is reasonable. Around 16 bucks like that .
Have a try!
Taste good.
Especially the chinese tea. We had a pot of Hot Taiwanese “Gui Hua’ oolong tea on that day,12.50bucks.
Strongly recommend to you guys!
This is the small eyes boy!
LOL Walked in to the Toy "R"us after our lunch.
Something interesting && he love it !
Read it!
My dad's cooler than your dad
Dren:"For sure I'll buy this for my children!"
Awesome! Pink day! Show me pink!
50% ! Love the discounts to the max when I'm wearing pink shirt on Wednesday!
What a day.
Happy Half-Year Anniversary!
Wish to have another another and another 6months with you :)
From your barbaric girl.