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Monday, July 27, 2009

Spot check

Teacher : "5A8! Lelaki berada di luar! Perempuan dalam class, tanggalkan skirt kamu!Pengawas perempuan masuk kelas,lelaki keluar! Lelaki yang berada di dalam dialah BONDAN! "

WOW YES BINGO! You're right. What's wrong? This is the new style of spot check. I hate it.
Can you believe it? This is the first time all my classmates and I have to take off our school uniform in class just because of such things. This is not fun at all. Moreover ,they so called prefect kept search our body. This is so unfair!Oh gosh , please la. This is so disgusting don't you know?Forced us to take off school uniform some more? Please respect others and yourself.
Unfortunately , Rachel's K750i and W850i confiscated by prefect. Well,they confiscated 2 hand phone and 1 condom at last.Satisfy? P/S: I want to highlight that the condom is not belong to my friend. It was a misunderstanding. Poor him. (x.x)

Got to go , taka care ! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taiwan Education fair

Me, Yuen Teng & Le Qing
HELLO people ! Think I've abandoned my blog? No way, you're wrong. I'm back to blog & I'm here to keep my blog alive :)
Taiwan Education Fair
Boohoo !Went to Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur on Friday after school.
Well,as you know the event was so boring. Hsiu Luan and Ern Hui not going some more.However, the girls group, Yue Fang and her gang were so crazy and noisy HA HA HA Oh gosh they were pretending pregnant and singing in the bus. How funny. That's why I like to join them because they can make me laugh non-stop LA LA LA YES, I'm, serious .First, we reach Hotel Istana around 2.Wow Hotel Istana is awesome, love it. Michelle and I were rushing to get 15 cop to exchange a paper bag.Actually the paper bag is simple and nothing much. Doing such silly things just for fun! L-O-L Then we straight went in to washroom. Oh gosh, all my classmates were in the awesome washroom This is not a joke. I was shocked.YES, around 10 people were sitting,reading and taking photos in the washroom. HA HA HA So called "5A8" , love it 1..2..3.. cik-zak and so on......
There is so much to blog but I'm lazy to blog. =D Let's skip to pictures

In school. She can always make me smile :) Ren Hao - the future Jay Chou Boy Monitor -Lian HongMe , Qing & Kav

Jack and Rose "You jump I jump...... " L-0-L

Kav Lost HA HA spot me =)

My pose =.=

SHOUT!so called 5A8

Mit, Me, Kav & Qing S-M-I-L-E! I was so excited

5A8 group picture

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon odori 2009

TA-DA! A visit to Bon Odori 2009 , Shah Alam.
Date : 18th July 2009
Alright,the event was so bored actually,but I'm glad that 5A11's gang made it good.They are so funny I tell you. I just cant stop laughing HA HA. Although the weather was super HOT , but I still had a lot of fun with them. :) Moreover, a lot of our school students went there too including those ex- students.However, I wish to highlight that I saw so many leng lui on that day *wink*! Well,too many people in that stadium and they seemed rushing to buy food but I don't like to queue.I hate it.See, i rather don't eat.Besides , there were so many couple walking,dancing around the stadium. And guess what? I felt jealous while seeing that:D:D HA HA, I fell down while dancing.How funny. After that, arrived Esso around 10.30pm.I was boring while waiting my cousin. Luckily, Kelvin and his friends chat with me while waiting.Thanks :)
take 1
Kar Men : so blur laarh, one more please.
take 2
Kar Men: This one is quite blur too, one more one more take 3
Kar Men : Quite dark.Nevermind, I can edit it!
ME: zzZzzZ okay okay L-O-L
He is funny ;D

YES, you're right. I stole this from her blog gg//
HanHan and I.She is awesome, prettyyy&&cute. =)

Japanese girls They are kawaiiiii

Currently,lazy blogging;P
Got to go, Goodnight and sweet dream.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter

Runtime: 2 hrs 33 mins
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint,Emma Watson
YES Finally! This is the day you've all been waiting for (p/s: oh well, maybe not all of you ,however I'm sure there's a few of you, if not one or two of you). Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince now showing in cinemas :) I Watched Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince on yesterday in Midvalley *wink*.All in all, this movie is nice but I dont really like the ending=X

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh , Daniel Radcliffe is cool && awesome . My idol :)btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO APPLE HUI && HL MILK
Flashback , I get to know them when i was a new student in form 4 . They are nice&& awesome . As you know , I'm lost for words.So, I prefer to let pictures do the talking !

oooh no , Why I smile like that one?

HAHAHA!So called ' couple T-shirt'
HL : Why capture our back protion?
Me: Because cant see our face what =P

Webcaaammmm well , I dont look good . Anyways , I'm just being me.

the super-duper dirty washroom in school
my messy hair && pimples HEHEHE

The real us & we love ourselves
HL is going to kill me if she view this :/
After friendships come to love.Trust me, good times are not forever.

'Do I miss him?', asked myself repeatedly.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

heart broken

Who named the LOVE?

女 孩: 你 要 幸 福 噢 ......
男 孩: 嗯 , 谢 谢 你 的 祝 福 。

哭 泣 声 暂 停, 只 有 时 间 的 流 逝 划 破 静 寂 。

在 此 时 此 刻 你 和 我 之 间 除 了 倒 退 的 快 乐 还 剩 下 什 么 ?

的 确, 我 还 不 敢 相 信 这 是 真 的 。

拜 托 有 没 有 人 可 以 告 诉 我 这 一 切 都 不 是 真 的 ?

心 里 有 总 很 奇 怪 的 感 觉 ,我 想 那 是 失 望 吧 。

胸 膛 里, 跳 动 着 一 颗 失 望 的 心 。

对, 我 很 清 楚 明 白 哭 泣 沮 丧 并 不 能 够 改 变 或 是 代 表 些 什 么。

很 遗 憾, 这 一 颗 失 望 的 心 总 是 那 么 脆 弱 那 么 容 易 受 影 响 。

还 是 疑 惑 人 怎 么 能 够 说 变 就 变 ?

还 是 很 不 明 白 为 何 我 总 是 最 后 一 个 知 道 的 那 位 ?

我 尝 试拼 命 的 帮 你 解 释帮 你 找 理 由 , 到 最 后 我 就 连 一 个 假 设 都 找 不 到 。

还 是 一 直 以 来 都 是 我 的 错 觉 ?
如 果 说 这 是 错 觉 可 是 这些 所 谓 的 错 觉 都 是 你 给 我 的 。
当 我 掉 入 万 劫 不 复 的 深 渊 的 时 候 就 是 你 想 要 的 看 到 的 情 景 吗 ?

我 知 道 你 没 有 错 ,我没 有 责 怪 你 。

在 面 颊 滑 下 的 眼 泪并 没 有 想 换 来 你 的 同 情 的 意 思 ,

只 是 想 发 泄 压 抑 已 久 的 情 绪 。

回 忆 进 行 重 演 ,
凝 聚 在 眼 眶 的 泪 正 在 诠 释伤 的 长 长轨 道 。

我正 在 努 力地 在 回 忆 上 画 上 深 深 的 标 记 ,

只 是 希 望你 和 我 的 每 一 幕戏 分都 能 够 在 回 忆 里 保 留 。

而 你 又 如 何 ?正 在 与 她 甜 言 蜜 语 吧 ?

很 遗 憾 , 当 初 没 有 好 好 把 握
现 在 我 唯 一 能 做 的 就 只 有 让 回 忆 留 白 。

我 要 的 不 是 安 慰或 是 道 歉, 你 的 道 歉 只 会 让 我 觉 得 自 己 更 加 可 笑 。

我 只 是 想 要 回 一 位 女 孩 应 有 的 尊 严 。

除 了 爱 情 我 还 有 很 多 的 东 西 要 做 。
现 在 我 会 把 演 技 学 好 ,
好 让 当 我 遇 见 你 和 她 的 时 侯 也 能 假 装 没 事,

但 这 并 不 是 因 为 放 不 下 只 是脆 弱 的 心 灵 还 需 要 一 点 时 间 。

最 后 在 这 里 献 上 我 真 诚 的 祝 福 给 你 和 她
婉 莉

Friday, July 3, 2009

outing =)

AAH-HEEM Attention!
"H1N1" flu virus is a public health emergency that the government is keeping a close watch on so that people aware, informed and prepared to take action steps to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe.
**Stay home if you're sick**

looking scary? L-O-L
an nyong ha se yo ! AHA Since my sista and I dont like to go that LALA place so we went to The Mines after school. It's been time I went to The Mines LOL It's all because of that place is located too far from school and I have no transport. That place changed alot ! Well,Michelle's grandma fetch us to there. This way help us save more $$, Thank you Po-po*wink* Ish.. I dont like that kokurikulum T-shirt . I dont like the colour && design of the T-shirt . Last year that one is much more better than this kind of T-shirt.Agree? Lol Sorry Puan Goh, we DONT like it!Bad design =X
Laugh-Out-Loud! We were wearing mask to The Mines and some people laughing at us. It's okay. We dont care about it.Safety is much more important what.YEA Hsiu Luan and I bought a dinner dress . After shopping, Hsiu Luan was hungry so we went to have lunch. And Of course we were talking so loud in the restaurant . Gossip about school ! so called girls .*wink*
Wan Li, Mit, HL
Wan Li: Capture!
HL: Cant see our face aslo...
Mit: yes, like Ninja !
Ern Hui: Maybe like nurse?

HL, Mit, Me,Hui
four golden flower :P
*single life*
HL: pose like a model
Mit: Pilot ?
Hui and I: Wood ? ZzzZZz

After having lunch , we suddenly felt like want to sing k. Yes, we are Sing K- kaki
Hui: But... cannot enter with school-u
HL: *cough* change clothes right now.
Hui: We dont have I/C or student card
Mit: Dont care it first.
Me: Wow how crazy :/ love it.
Going to Sing K
camera girl : HL milk

WanLi Tang

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life is short.

Life is short
The thing about life is that one day you will be dead.
Sigh.....I cant believe it.
How could this be?My senior is dies at age 19.He was dead in an accident. I just got this news after picking PuiHeong's phonecall.
Rest in peace, Shafiq.
Death is something that we have to face. We can choose to not be afraid of the occasion,and I will move to something better, that death is not the dying of the light.
Life is SHORT , appreciate it. =)