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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My life in this week..... ^^
Tomorrow 9.30am Speech outline submission deadline
11.00am Quiz 2 Positive Psychology
1pm until 10.30pm Hair Show Model

Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm Make Up Show Model
8.00pm Gathering

Friday 9.30am Assignment outline submission deadline
12.30pm-3pm Library working hour

Saturday 2.00pm Job Interview
3.30pm Motorsport Car Show Model

Imma afraid of Quiz 2, May God bless me ..:(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

GAB:Tiger Music Festival Live Malaysia!

I <3 Tiger Uniform!
Worked with Jessica and Georgina.
This is such a small world. I met Jessica in a job interview and PIKOM PC Fair.
I met Gina while doing video shooting with Wai Wah..
Haha such a small world.
Edison!Gosh, handsome!!!
Distance between my work place and the stage
Rock the party~
I met a lot of my freelance friends that day ^^
End with this! TA-DA!

Happy Ending.

Thanks for all the birthday cakes and birthday presents ^^
Don't mess with them! Or you will turn to upside down!
My small eyes boy~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Round ke-empat!

TA-DA! They are my ex-schoolmate.
Xin Ying and I studied at the same primary school and secondary school(SMK Sungai Besi) as well.However, I transferred to SMK Sri Sentosa when I was in Form4.
Pui Heong,the girl in white.. A word to describe about her : Awesome!
She was my childhood partner, both of us studied at the same primary and secondary school. A lot of good memories between us ^^ We used to walk to school together, tuition together, bath together and more~
Ah Geng, the gentlemen in town! He's really nice to everyone and willing to help me whenever I'm in trouble!
I was so happy to see them!
They waited for around an hour outside of my house,I felt guilty..
Yes yes,Thanks for the awesome birthday celebration.
Clothes from Ah Geng. Cool I like it! Because I don't have any vest in my wardrobe..
I was wearing it on my SUPER GT Semifinal competition in Empire Mall Gallery.
Okay, it's a receipt in the bag. "Thanks" to Ah Geng.. ;P
p/s: Guys, remember to take off the price tag and the receipt before you present it to a girl. We do concern about this. Haha!
A-HA!This from Xin Ying and Pui Heong. I love girl stuffs and Linda!Thanks buddies!Errrr..wait..... I found something else in the present box ...
Hey hey everyone!
What did you notice?
Can you see there's a white box behind the sleeping mask?
Guess what is that?
Let's take it out and have a look~
I was so sweat when I saw the name of the small box..
What a joke!!!!!!!!
The present that made me "sweat"and L-O-L!
My first time of receiving those kind of so called adult present.
Okay, Condoms right behind the sleeping mask.
See? Some more with expired date in 10/2015!
Made a fool on me,You guys memang "rocks"..

Third Round in town!! =]

4! 5!
After eating dinner with the Sungai Long Gang in Sri Petaling
Dren and Jia Zheng told me that they wish to get some drinks to energize up..
So I just followed them to PapaRich..
I was surprise to see my high school classmates waiting for me in that shop!
It was so great to meet them. We were from the same class for 2 years:4A8 & 5A8 in SMK Sri Sentosa..Thanks for the birthday cake as well! Hsiu Luan and Michelle were there as well!
It was such a golden chance to catch up the updates between us..
True friend is hard to resist!
Poor her. She was rushing back to KL just for my birthday celebration!
Mit Mit, my best friend ever.Same rank with Hsiu Luan and Ern Hui.
Four of us are more than a friendship!
This is from Mit Mit.. She knows that I love blue colour!
Thanks Ren Hao, Kevin, Mit Mit and Hsiu Luan!
26/4 Ended!Thanks to my lovely "driver "of the day : Adrian Tau& Jia Zheng! =PP
Both of you are my sunshine!