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Thursday, April 30, 2009

ALL MY PRESENTZ^^ This is my second birthday cake ^^ Thanks to pui heong I appreciate it very much

HAHA my third birthday cake .. ARIGATUO to my daddy ^^ I know the cake look so orange but its tasty =]

My 4th birthday cake .. Thanks to YIP HOONG,ZHONG YUAN, KANG NIAN,KOK HING&MELIVIN ^^ Kang Nian,Melvin,Kok Hing,Zhong Yuan and me Kang Nian,Melvin,Kok Hing,Yip Hoong and me
Mit Mit, Ah Geng , Shaun and Pui Heong =]

XD He is my friend ,Ah Geng

SMILES~ Ah Geng,Shaun,Pui Heong, me , Mit Mit.. ARIGATUO very much
These are my present too: (From)

pui heong and yin ching .. Mickey and Minnie LOL

yoke choon^^

Ming Hui

Yin Ching ^^Thanks to Sungai Besi' gang : Xin Ying, Ni Gen,Yoke Choon, Pui Heong,Yin Ching,Wei Hoe,Penny
Kwong Hon :Dickson, Joey,Ah Geng, Ah Tat, Xiao Pei, Mei Qi,Ah Fai, Kar Jun,Ah Kit

Sri Sentosa :Tang Sook Mun, Sheng Yuan,ShingJie ,Mun Mun,Kelvin,Genie,LeQing,Kai Wei,Rachel Low,Wai Ming,Cisco,Ming Hui,Hui Yin, Siew Fai

Others:Khun Huat,Aaron,Khay Boon

for the birthday msg ;)

(= Friendships never ends .

26-04-1992 Happy Birthday to me


A friend is a person who be there all of the time, not just when you are happy and things are going good for you. A friend is there for you when you are down, and though they may not always have the right things to say, they never leave your side.
A friend would never do anything on purpose to hurt you. A friend is a person that you can always trust.A friend will always be there at the end of the day and you should never have to question whether or not this is true.
A friend will never put you down, they should only lift you up.

Flashback, I was a new student in SMK SRI SENTOSA,03-01-2008 such a nightmare to me. I have no friends, I was afraid

The second things is , the teacher not allowed me to study in accounts class but forced me to take geografi and sience sukan in 4a4. I cried, I felt so lost.
After few days,finally Genie and I can study in 4A8 . Thanks god ! and guess what? I get new friends , they are so great!

I first met her during assembly .. LOL She is LOO HSIU LUAN , our gang called her 'draft queen' XD She is the one who always cheer me up .Thanks to you ,I♥ you

This is Miss Wan Ern Hui ^^ we called her as 'apple hui'. She sit next me XD

btw, can you see hsiu luan behind ? HAHA

Michelle Chung , she is mickey's super fans and she is good in singing. Our gang called her as 'mit mit'
She is pretty right?^^

This 1..Miss Tan Tsui Ling =D She is the one who always comfort me ;)

What'cha looking at?! Oh GOSH, i wonder who took this .. HAHA Don't laugh,I know that I look ugly and funny. Whatever, birthday girl what! LOL

My ji mui and I . Heaaaarts them to the max (x you're always on my mind
This photo took by ern hui's bro and he was our driver on that day HAHAHA! Sorry , I havent take undang test=/ wait for meeeeeeeeeee

You see, I was wearing white T, ugly short pants and clip my fringe up.Conclusion is I was totally like an aunty =.= by the way, I like the cake very much . Yummy YUMMY

Oh gosh, They are so romantic you know ;) Thats why I love them .

LALALA~ They present me this and 2 turtle LOL Seriously, I loveeeeee♥ hello kitty♥! HAHA Try to guess what is this?

DA-TA !! It is a 2GB pendrive =D amazing right? I like this very muccccchie
I ♥ 5 golden flower XD

love,Winnie-the-tang ♥

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tang Kwang Wen.
I guess all my friends know about him.
Flashback, know him when i was in form 3. I first met him in my friend's party.
10/9/2007 I started a relationships with him. It's over. He dislikes to capture photo

Took this in gasoline. Funny right? We looks so silly.

Took this in TS . ROMEO and JULIET T- shirt XD Silly things

Still, I treat him as my family, as my brother.

Although we are broke up,but I appreciate every single thing that you have done for me...
You are great! Wishing you all the best in future.
We are still friends .

well, I'm single now (x .
so what?! This is not a big deal . PEACE
" Guys are not important." my ji mui says

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

♥First post♥
Oh well, finally i created my own blog
Thanks to Miss LOO HSIU LUAN !
She spent few hours and help me created this blog. Arigatuo !
Tiring everyday . I miss holidays alot.
I'm dying . There is alot of homework for today. My BM teacher is going to fine RM1 per person if I didnt complete my komsas LOL


**MY V.I.P.**

well, They are mySUPERMAN & SUPERWOMAN

I'm the only child in my family. They love me alot, they are always my superhero in my life:]

I ♥ my daddy& mummy always and forever(;


aha! they are my BESTIES . Although we are in different school now,but i am still miss u guys.

HAHA! This is not a joke . I was a prefect in SMK SB. xD


I miss the moments we being together ;D
webcammmm.They care me always. *wink!* They will always be there for me

and They always make a fool on me =X
♥Chua Xin Ying
♥Chin Pui Heong
♥Koe Ni Gen
♥Gian Yoke Choon
♥Teh Li Jin
♥Tan Aik Lin
♥Keum Wei Hoe
♥Poh Yan Ching
♥Khoo Zheng Hong