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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Brand Laureate The Best Brands Award Dinner( Asia Pacific Region)

My Idol!Dato' Lee Chong Wei!!
Nicol David :) She's so friendly I tell you.
Snake time ~ ;p
So happy to work with them..Especially Oga..
My dinner.. So full after that..
With Michelle from Taylor's
Yes yes, I'm the Winner..
*dreaming of..*
with the girls.. Spot me!
Heart this photo!

Well, I saw Amber Chia and few celebrities on that day because I was working for the registration .

Forgive me for the short post.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Signing Ceremony

Formal wear event . Humph........ First time I guess?
This is an official signing ceremony of the Join Venture agreement between SCIENTEX and Mitsui Chemical Tohcello Inc,18th of March, The Westin KL.(I felt guilty for the late update ><) Which means a signing ceremony between SCIENTEX, the company which incorporated in our country and Mitsui from Japan. Sounds cool right?
For your information, Scientex is one of the world's largest producers of stretch film and also the polymer business unit specialises in the manufacture of PVC leather cloth in Asia Pacific region. I think we should be proud of it. May?be?. lol. Or sounds like not our business? All in all, this is an awesome event except the presentation time (All of us were about to fall asleep yet have to stay alert to usher the VIP. ;Pp). Besides that, quite a lot of medias been there as well. Oh ya, love the food there! Dark chocolate ice cream, salmons , tiramisu and etc etc etc. Thanks Ai Wa for this job.Lastly,enjoy working with Ai Wa and Josephine, I'm the youngest one among them. They taught me a lot regarding the freelance society.
End with this

Behind the scene? LOL!

Can you see the red marks on my neck?
Well, it's not love mark (Curry chicken)
Neh. This is the evidence of mosquito bites. :')
This is why I brought along my camera to washroom. lol.
Girls with mustache. My favorite pose!
Yes,you're right.
I purposely forced her to take this photo. *Evils*
This is so lovely, don't you think?
Zoom in babe's sweet smile. Love it!
I can see my tongue as well. Kindly ignore that part ;P
Ops, please ignore my little tummy. Enjoy the moments without high heels, at certain time!
Heart this to the max! And love the question marks as well.
Stunning photo,because I was like suddenly jump over.
Forgive my hyperactives.


I was trying to act cute but failed. :/
Love this! The big Mickey Mouse shirt, my dear bought it for me at The Mines.

Location: A park which is nearby Titiwangsa LRT station.
Therefore, I just called it as Titiwangsa Park *Wink!*
Date: Cannot recall the actual date but I think should be at the end of February

This is the very first time photo shooting with Connie babe.
Just uploaded some of it. :)
Seriously, outdoor shooting is not that fun.
One might cannot stand for the hot weather ,keep on sweating and mosquito bites.
Your skin will get sticky , and you will feel thirsty while shooting , uncomfortable and...
not to mention the make up and hairstyle. ;/
I'm really admired my freelance friends who always go for outdoor shooting.
They're just amazing and professional!
Kindly visit my album - S.H.O.O.T.I.N.G, Started from the beginning for more photos.
Credits to the Photographer : Wai Wah Chan. Although my make up and hairstyle was totally mess up, he still able to capture nice photos for me. Cool right? :)


Gloomy afternoon
Familiar place?
Try to guess...?
Leisure mall~

This is one of my favorite photo besides the gloomy afternoon!

Excited! Unexpected!
I was like "wow,it's me!' when I clicked into the page....
My page which is under public figure category. Cool~
For sure here's some basic information about the Fame Cheri.
Well, basically, Fame Cheri is an online magazine.
It's all about fashion,lifestyle, by real people,for real people.
For more information regarding the Fame Cheri, you may visit
Then, you'll know more about it.

By the way.....Here you go! The link of the page~
Kindly visit and support ya the page. Thanks a lot!
Credits to Dr.John Kok - the helpful photographer
Fame Cheri - the one who created the page for you and also one of the admin
Besides that, you may visit for my full articles.
Cheers ♥ Thanks for supporting!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busssyyy Busssyyy ~ Week !

I love this effect, it's so cute ! Credits to the photographer :))

Dear readers,

Sorry for not updating my blog recently =(
Currently is all about exams exams exams works works and works!
I'll update when I could, so STAY TUNEEE Hehe =D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear readers,

Dear readers,

Sorry for didn't update my blog. :(((
I'll update my half-dead blog as soon as possible.
Humph, I'm sitting for my final examinations tomorrow.
Good luck everyone!Yay!