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Thursday, September 10, 2015

You are right !

You know right
Whenever I started blogging again ...
It means something not going well

 To be honest , recently
 I feel so lost
 I feel suffocating
 I feel disappointed

" We only get to see what people choose to show "
That's so true .

I just realized that you older you get , you lesser you would like to share or speak to others .
It could because of we are acting too mature to handle everything by ourselves or
we just don't simply trust anyone.
That's so sad  !

So much things and feelings to be express but just can't release it all
because adults told ya
It's kind of self- protection thingy

The question is
do we really feel good for keeping everything by ourselves and at the same time
showing others that you are living well ?

Think about it.
Here is an old pic of me