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Friday, December 31, 2010

Precious moments,precious gathering.

Life is good without any make up*Sometimes*. :p
What ya looking at?

Introducing my BFF's members.
Jos,Mit,Hui :) Precious friends;precious friendship.
I'm so grateful that get to meet them.
I'm sure that my secondary school life would sucks without them.

Malacca 1 day trip.

Went to Malacca with Kelly,Jia Zheng,Lap Zhen,Tian Wei and Adrian.Such a 'fantastic trip' because we used more than 3hours from Malacca to KL. c= I bet you must be wondering why was it? Oh well, because we were lost in the half way.
Kindly read the conversation below :-
The driver,Jia Zheng: "Heyy,I know the kajang road on my left hand side, but I go for the right hand sidfe.Because my feeling say so.."
Adrian,Tian Wei,Lp Zhen and I: "Where are we??"
Seriously,that's such a very new highway and only few vehicles using it.
The signboard only written : Ipoh 274KM.
Somehow can't even make a U-turn.
Adrian:"Ipoh Express!!"
Lap Zhen: "But why double signals?"
Jia Zheng :"I on double signals because I want the others know that I lut liao"
Anyways,thanks to our pro driver in the end we still able to reach home safely.*Laugh-out-load!*

Christmas Present.

Can you see that? It's HELLO KITTY wrapping paper.So sweet!
She knows me well..
Nice outing with her.I've received my first Christmas present from her.
We were in the same primary school,SJK(C)Kwong Hon.
Somehow in the same class,3A,4A,5m and 6S.
Moreover, we were in the same secondary school,SMK SungaiBesi before I shifted to Sri Sentosa
Somehow in the same class 1Maju,2Maju and 3Maju.
Friendship never ends.
May god bless her in love life. =)

Merry X'mas!!

Santarina girl.Honestly,I like this job!
Bumped into a lot of pretty girls .
I like the outfits very much*but not to the wigs that made me itchy :P*.
We were working around at KLCC,Pavilion,Farenheit,Sunway Pyramid and the last station,The Curve.
Before wearing the wigs.
She's HOT! Karen Low.

TA-DA!Marie France Santarina Models.

Wedding Dinner.

Zai Zai's wedding =)
Oh yeah, let's photos do the talking!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

When you're not here.

Currently,I'm having sore throat. My voice turned to such a sexy tone due to sore throat.
Well, I've received a text message from Kelvin Ooi.He asked about the NS buku kesihatan.I was working that time but luckily I still able to made a phone call to him while heading to washroom. :D I bet he must be surprised because of my sexy voice while on phone with me.
Thanks to Ah Geng for the medicine.So touched! So sweet of you!He purposed came to my house and gave the medicine to my mum. Although I hate taking medicine, but I'll try my best to finish it up and take care myself.
It's another Monday.However, today is totally great different. During the school days,I used to work at FOMIT and that was how I spent my deadly Monday.

I miss those working hours with Max,Grace and Abu. Abu is an awesome guy, he really do take care me.

Roadshow Job.

All about Maxis Roadshow.
Davix,21. This is our supervisor.The roadshow was held on 11th,12nd,18th and 19th in Sunway Pyramid.Working is bored without camera.Well, get to know new friends there,they're just so cool. The guy that loves fishing,Mun Hoong and of course thanks to Jolane Teh for the photos and Gary for the candies.He's such a funny guy I tell you. Asked for our contact numbers for few day but get nothing at all. :P
Last but not least,special thanks to Jun Xing for the Sushi King and Auntie Anne.
We love it!For your information, I'm the girl that enjoy eating very much!*winks*
GREAT!Finally, done with the roadshow job. I wished to sleep longer.
What's Next?!
Heyy,photo shoot here I come!Stay tuned.

While eating in the store room after work.
Maxis cupcakes from King's. Cute right?

Hi there! Sorry for the late update.. I'll update my half-dead blog tomorrow.EMO!

Friday, December 10, 2010


It's not too late.Watched HP7 today with my dear@The Gardens.
I'm one of the fans of Harry Potter without fail!*wink*

Emma Watson- She's gorgeous!

And of course my for Dobby.
Dobby is super duper adorable.
Too bad, I couldn't find any photo of him.
Alright done with final examinations. What's NEXT?
Part time job is a good choice. I wanted to earn some money to spend.
Working with my babe tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a good good day! :)
Tiring facial expressions after the 11th ASIAEURO event.


First at all, FINALLY I'm done with my final examinations.
Therefore, sem-break from now on.Cheers to that!

Well,they're my Human Communication classmates and our lecturer,Mr. Hellis(the guy with tie).Alright,thank you so much for didn't kill us in final examinations. Although studying Human Communication subject such as a nightmare to me.However,I still love being as a Human Communication students because in this class I get to know them well. As a freshman in school,it's GREAT to get new friends!
Oh well,in a so called university society..
"No friends=No Assignments"
"1 man show"is just like an action that reflect your stupidity.

Monday, December 6, 2010


3 More to go.Will be back right after this.Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


告诉自己至少比别人更有利用价值,别人利用是因为被看得起,总好过没有存在感!百毒不侵! ;D


To be continued.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Will be back after exams.
May god bless me.
People,Stay tuned.