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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Anyone please tell me what I did? Am I wrong?
Well, I lose in Sentosa Idol Final.
I........I just....felt sorry to my group members, Hsiu Luan and Michelle.
I felt sorry to my daddy.
I felt sorry to Puan Sow.
Anyways,Thanks to all my friends who came and support SMILE.
and thanks to Khun Huat.
I was so excited when singing on stage. It was great. I'll miss it
Okays,Siew Fai's friends make a fool on me, they keep shout his name when I am standing on stage. funny right?=/
Well,She was there, I knew that she look down at me. I tot I can prove it to her but I failed.
I cried in school when Yue Fang came and comfort me.I felt that myself was so "memalukan"
I went to roller after eating KFC in kuchai lama and I met Siew Fai and Khun Huat in carrefour.
I saw Kai Shen,Teck Fai and their friends while playing roller.Guess what? I fell down while playing roller with Kai Shen.
Accidently met Kelvin and his friends when going back home,Kelvin is so cute. Congratz to Tnk& my sista Tsui Ling!=)
Michelle's sis fetch me to Bukit Jalil LRT station, and i took LRT alone. tiring
Seriously, I am so tired right now. Dad&Mum went out, I'm home alone. Going out to buy dinner.

Friday, June 26, 2009

scared =/


Sentosa Idol Final
Worried, scared.
Egg Yolk
[Sista]Tsui Ling and Shu Hui
Kelvin and Ju Yi
Yvonne and YinYing
Hsiu Luan, Michelle and Me


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple life

LALALA Hello! I'm back to blog :) Yes,I got all my exam result . Omg , is suck.What to do?I am weak in studies blah bla bla bla OKayssss, Dont feel like talking about my result LOL Forget about it. yea, Went to sing K after school with my sista, Hsiu Luan and Michelle . Only 3 of us went to sing K .Sounds weird right?At first Ern Hui going with us but she really cant make it on that day.Well,okok Nevermind, we go again this friday HAHA.I know that I am not good in singing but enjoy singing ma =( . My sista and I dont really like to go that lala place . So, We prefer to sing K in Plaza Low Yat.YES! redbox is much more better and nicer than greenbox which located in sg wang. Agree? Well, it was school day . My house is quite a distance from school. Went there with my heavy school bag. What to do? I have no choice . Reach there around 2 something . The weather is supeeer hot ,I sweat alot . So called 'Global warming' LOL please save our mother earth from now on. *wink!* Changed school uniform before entering redbox . I was looking ugly with the T shirt and pjk pants.Kinda like a noob.

This is how I look like on that day. suck laa ZzzZ

HL was holding the camera. Wait , I am not ready yet.
Hsiu Luan : Look at here!
Me: Huh?!
Took by me . abit Blurrrr

We leave redbox at 6 something. Then we were rushing to LRT station because Michelle have to attend a party at night . Anyways, I got my satisfaction *wiiink* 3 of us sing until sorethroat HAHA fantastic :D

Khun Huat,Me and Siew Fai

Took this photo during holiday
Thanks to KarLok for this blurrrrr photo.Blur but nice , whatever ! LOL.Went to roller in Carrefour with Khun Huat,Evonne,Siew Fai,KarLok,KarLok's bro and another girl. At first , all of us dont know how to play roller. KarLock is great ,he taught all of us. Poor him. Guess what ? I fell down 3 times ! OhGosh, I stupid. After that,we went home separately after eating KFC .

got to go , take care , blessed.

wanli =]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boring Holiday~!!

it's been time i updated my blog...
it's all bcuz of my pc..."attacked by some stupid thing "
so...didn't get to update my blog...'s a 2 weeks holiday...i did nothing but just celebrating birthday...
spend the day with my friends shopping n of course hav lunch !!!
besides that....on 3rd of June...waiting to wish Happy Birthday to my pretty girl.. i failed...i fall asleep..T_T how sad...but i did wish her on that day..haha
after that....the remaining days..i'm bored without anyone's accompany...
going shopping all alone...doing housework but ntg better else to do...

the bad news is all about my beloved mom...she admitted to the hospital...
and of course as her daughter...i'm feeling upset because i didn't want to see her tis way...
hope to see her get well soon..

alright !! i'll get u guys update as soon as posible k ~
wish everyone of u have lots of fun !:D
TATA ! have a nice day

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


YEA,Le Qing and I decided to bake a birthday cake for her. So,Hsiu Luan, Le Qing and I went to Yi Hua's house for baking. I really interested on it :D

Guess what? This is the first time I take part in baking . Well, i admit that i am weak in doing this things ,So called lazy girl ! :P Hsiu Luan and I baked a tiramisu for her. Seriously,baking is not that easy i tell you. Baking in the kitchen for 3-4 hours is super tiring =/ Besides that, Le Qing and YiHua baked another cheese cake for the birthday girl LOL YO!I'm addict to cheese cake but it is hard for me to DIY this (x

Home made cheese cake/tiramisu?Noooo Way! I dont think i will do this anymore lalala oh gosh, My body cracked into pieces on that day. A-HEM errr .....The cake is not that good looking,No photos !HAHA!And finally we got the chance to play in Yi Hua's room after clean up the dirty kitchen D=

yea, plaaaay time!

Le Qing and I special thanks to Miss Yi Hua LOL

the process x)

AHA Look! pretty-nya =[ I jealous la
TA-DA ! HL Milk for sale XD

Besides that, 4 of us went to have a drink with ZhongYuan and ZheWei . Afher that,Hsiu Luan's brother fetch me go home arigatuo

=] what a wonderful day,
grrr....... and tiring