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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Driving test

Hi Hi Hi! I woke up in the early morning and skipped school today .It was a message from Xin Yuan when I switched on my hand phone. Later, my hand phone rang again and I got new messages from Amos ,Pui Heong and my cousin.Thank you so much! They cheer me up and lighted up my spirit. Yes, i was sitting for driving test this morning.Uncle George arrived and picked me up around 7++am. It was 6 people insides the uncle George's car.Then, he drove us to Bangi which was the driving test place. I went to queue up after getting my number.Guess what? I met Mun Fai, Dream , Robin's brother and some new friends there. The driving test started at around 8.30am. It was about my turn after waited for few hours. Seriously , I was afraid while stepping into the car. Oh gosh, the super old Kancil really scared me. Words cannot express my feelings.The clutch pressing and the steering-wheel was totally different! To overcome this fear, I inhaled badly.For your information, the first test was "mendaki bukit", thanks god I successfully stopped the car at the yellow line.Then, I smiled to the examiner. Oh my god! It was a problem while doing balancing. Then, I quickly pressed the petrol. I pressed it hardly! Yeah, luckily passed. Next, the side parking test. I parked the car nicely and lifted my hand then the examiner came to have a look and asked me go .Phew passed! Hello uncle George! I did well in the three point turn this time. Lastly, I went to get the result from JPJ. Well, Let's talk about on the road, I was nervous you know.A short while , the examiner called my number.First at all, I greeted the examiner while got into the car. Laugh- out- loud! This is not a joke. The examiner was wearing sunglasses. Honestly, such a handsome young guy.Yes! I was so glad that the car looked new. It was Kelisa. At first, I started those 5 steps before I drive. Then, changed to first gear and drive slowly. He talked to me while I was driving.I actually was getting nervous. But, I tried to pretend nothing.On the halfway, he asked me "Nak music tak?" Oh well, he seriously turned on the radio then. HA HA such a nice examiner! I was so proud that I didn't "mati enjin". All in all, finally I passed my driving test. YEAH! I can't wait to get my car license.
Goodbye uncle George, Officially.

Friday, October 9, 2009


His girl.
Laugh-out-loud I'm just kidding.
Lim Lian Hong, he is the one who cheer me up whenever I'm down.
We're best friends.Ops sorry I was looking at Hsiu Luan's camera.
Look at Ern Hui. Her sweet smiling face. Hello! *Cough cough* Michelle and I are not ready yet.

Pinkish guitar. Hearts :)
Hsiu Luan : Look at here and show face .
Me : Hey ! I actually can play don't you know HA HA

Okays. Musical instrument and I.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the girls =D

海底珍珠不易捞 ,良 师益 友 不 易 找。

人 生 有 多 少 个 十 年 让 我 们 在 一 起?

虽 然在 这 所 学 校 的 时 间 不 长 却 有 一 班 不 错 的 同 学,

同 学 的 关 怀 与 扶 助 都 出 自 真 诚 的 心 并 没 有 任 何 金 钱 利 益 。

很 好 奇, 分 道 扬 镳 的 那 天 我 们 会 是 怎 样 的 心 情?

我相 信, 大 家 都 会 抱 着 悲 喜 交 集 的 心 情, 正 如 有 千 千 万 万 个 不 舍 。

人 生 不 因" 偶 然" 而 相 遇 而 是 因 "缘 分" 而 走 在 一 起 。

夕 阳 无 限 好, 只 是 近 黄 昏 。

很 遗 憾, 生 命 是 如 此 短 暂 ,美 好 的 事 物总 是 短 暂 的 。

平 凡 的 我 你 总 是 要 到 了 来 不 及 的 那 时 候 才 学 会 珍 惜。

与 同 学 的 美 好 时 光 为 我 那 平 凡 的 求 学 生 涯 添 上 色 彩 。

未 来 的路 程 不 好走 ,外 面 的 世 界 充 满 了 惊 喜 。

祝 福 我 的 同 学 们 前 途 似 锦 ......

End with this. 5A8