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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's fun to be with them.

Oh well, I got a job.Cheers to that! I was shopping with them that day,then we suddenly decided to go for walk-in-interview.I thought they will not hire us.Thanks god!Therefore, I'll start working tomorrow.God bless me!
My cousin's wedding.
My funny daddy&mummy
My mum doesn't like to take photos.
Yes,I strongly agree that the true meaning of marriage is to understand the love. Love is an action!Moreover,marriage is also an agreement between the man and woman. Husband and wife take certain vows, to love one another, to cherish one another, and to stay together through sickness and health, for better and for worse.
Dad&Mum,they are still happily married. :)
Do-Nothing Day.
Went to Jaya One for Iact College.

He will never know that I've uploaded this :P
End with this!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang ke-38.
First at all
My lovely high school,SMK Sri Sentosa
p/s:10 bucks per A's :P
Photo with mummy.(My OL look)

I like the way she laugh!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Myself and I.

That's ME.
Tang Wan Li
Height : 168cm
Weight:52 Kg
A Happy-go-lucky girl
Enjoy eating,singing and sleeping very much!
"Don't judge a girl by her look",therefore don't judge me if you don't know about me.
I'm just an ordinary girl.
I'm not pretty.
I'm not intelligent.
I'm not rich.
However,I LOVE being myself.
The point is, do not change yourself overmuch!
Webcam.Take 1*WINK!*
Take 2!*PEACE*

I'm learning new things! In my opinion, confidence as a sign of self-respecting.Even if you are not handsome, not tall,not intelligent and not rich,be appreciate yourself because you're the one and only in this world.However, take a good control of your confidence level, do not be someone that is always showing off.
Respect ,Appreciate and Love yourself.
Keep going,I like the way I am!
Second outing with THEM, my NS gang.
They're hot and nice.
We actually planned to walk-in-interview for a part time job in Midvalley.As Kai promised will offer a batter job for us so we've changed our plan.
Lian Ping and I.
Wrong mode,therefore retake a photo
End with this.=)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Okay,received a letter from my secondary high school. I was like,"Wow,Sri Sentosa! I miss it so much".Therefore,I'm going back to my high school this Saturday.Oh wait,formal wear for that day.I don't know what to dress up. So now, I'm seeking for ideas.Thank you.
NS-MCA Reunion

Watched The A-team ,went to Redbox and dinner together with my NS friends.All in all,that was an awesome outing! I can't wait for the next gathering with you guys.AH-HEM! Attention please,I'm currently,lazy blogging.So,let's pictures do the talking!
Lunch together @Sushi king.
waited for billing.
What's next? Redbox of course. I enjoy singing very much!
Watch out!The funny dancer and I.
Family pic take1!
Funny Guy,Lam Kok Hoe.

He is a funny guy I tell you.
Family pic take 2
Going back with motorbike driver look for my safety.How warm.Thank you!
Beggars@KTM station.Sigh,waited so long for ktm,freaking boring.