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Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll miss you!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Hsiu Luan&Ming Hui!!!
I'll MISS you guys!!!!!!!
Okay,I'm leaving and heading to Tawau,Sabah today.I'll miss you guys,Hl,Hui,Mit,Dad&Mum,AhHao,mt dear friends,sisters and everyone! Miss me and take care!=)All the best!
The best part,M16!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally, received the official letter today.I heard that the participant usually will get a boyfriend/girlfriend during this program.Is this true?Perhaps, I'll get one?Laugh-out-loud,just kidding!Guess what? I'm flying to Tawau,Sabah.I screamed when I got the feedback from the ministry because I was not willing to go.Okay,this is the fact,"Tahniah! TANG WAN LI 920426XXXXXX telah dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri7 di Kem San Shui,Tawau,Sabah".Oh well,hello everyone I've changed my decision.Since I never been there before,therefore I'm going to Sabah this Saturday.

Oh wait,I think I'll need this.
:)HOORAY, time to have fun in SABAH~~

Monday, March 22, 2010

TA-DA! Introducing my favourite artist,TangYan.She is gorgeous!
If I were her,I'll have no regrets! *Okay,WanLi, STOP Dreaming!* :p
For more info,kindly log on

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This one for Jia Hao.His beloved car :P
Nice day.Hang out with my dear sisters.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Awesome bakery!

Happy Birthday to my dear Grandma!Stay healthy and happy always.I love you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nobody's perfect.There is a question,"How you can consistently turn in work that is above every one's expectations?".In my opinion, the best way is believing in myself.However, the unexpected always happen.Therefore,I must be prepared for the worst.Decision making of course is a hard task in life.I believe that my choice of course will determine my career path.Then,I started to remind myself," This is about how to spend the rest of my life."Alright,I have to admit that my language is not that good but I'll try my best.English is very important especially in the higher education.In a nutshell,it's my life and I must fight for it.Hopefully, I could enhance my dream.
Never give up! May god bless me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11/3/2010 SPM ResultSorry mum, I can't score Bahasa Cina and Additional Mathematics.Anyways,forget about it!The best part is...Wow Finally,done with SPM!Cheers to that.Once again, congratulations to my dear sisters.(: All the best!New home for new pet. (:

Monday, March 8, 2010

S.H.E. is the One Live in Malaysia.
(6/3/2010)Michelle and I went to S.H.E.'s concert.Thanks to Kok Hing!Appreciated it very much.We screamed with laughter!All in all,the concert was awesome!
I admired Hebe!Fantastic!Wonderful!
(p/s:Sorry JiaHao,those photos in Michelle's mobile phone.)

Girls Day Out

My girl driver,Josephine Loo, the one who always make me laugh non-stop.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Okay,I was late.Rushed to Lrt Station and met up with Michelle.Both of us waited for Lian Hong and Loo Ye Jing.It was9.30am,I was thankful that they not arrived yet.Next,I bought ticket to Majlis Jamek Lrt Station.The journey to TAR College kills me.I started to question myself,"Can I stand it for 4 years?". Finally,reached Majlis Jamek.However,we still have to exchange to Putra Lrt and go to Taman Melati Station.All in all,a journey of 10 stations to Majlis Jamek and 11 stations to Taman Melati.Can you imagine that?Sigh.What to do,I have no choice.We sat separately in the Putra Lrt.Then,Lian Hong and Ye Jing went out the train suddenly. It was Wangsa Maju which is one station before Taman Melati.Then,Michelle and I quickly stepped out from the train.Lian Hong talked to Ye Jing without noticing us.I stopped him,"This is Wangsa Maju what!"."Huh?"He answered and leaded us to go back the train."But I think this is correct, I saw a student went out just now.",he added.Then, he quickly stepped out from the train,so do I.Suddenly,the door about to close,I ran out quickly.The door closed but Michelle still inside the train.How funny.I knocked the door(like an idiot and I know this is funny) but the train was about to move.It was helpless.I quickly phone call her however her belongings with me.Worried,this is the first time we take Putra Lrt and I couldn't find a way to contact her.'What if something happen to her?"I started to question myself.Luckily,she phone called me by using a stranger's mobile.Lol.I thought she will call me by using the only 60 cents left in her pocket.Then,Lian Hong planned to walk to TAR College but I can't stand it.The weather was super hot,what a sunny day.At last, I won and we took a cab to there.AH-HA Finally,reached TARC and I sweated a lot.Met Sheng Yuan while leaving TARC.He teach us to take a bus ride to Bukit Bintang.Moreover,Michelle wanted to watch 'Wolf man' , so we went to Times Square for the movie.What a day.This movie kinda terrible and scary.

Friday, March 5, 2010


A text message from Ah Geng," Text me when you free.I'll fetch you to yoke choon's house." Okay,It was 1something pm and I just awake from sleep.Yes, I'm miss pig of 2010.Next,phone call Michelle and invited her to go along.Then, we decided to go at 2.30pm. Oh gosh, Ah Geng reached my house at 2.15pm and I not settle yet.I was watching my lovely drama and forgotten about it.My mum told me that he reached already. I quickly changed my shirt.When I open my house gate, quickly jump into his car.Okay,It was Myvi, his brand new car.'Wow, your new car!',I screamed.'This is the first time I drive this car',he answered.So,he drive slowly and reach Michelle's house safety.Okay,straight heading to Yoke Choon's house. Chit-chat at her house then suddenly planned to go for a drink.We were deciding where to go while got into the car.It was about to rain,Yoke Choon suggested to go for a movie, suddenly I heard a sound 'BANG'. My first thought was 'Oh My God'.We hit a car, Proton Saga.Then, the car alarm started,'BEE BEE BEE......'Then we drove to another side.The owner and her friends came to us.I was worried about Ah Geng, as I know Percubaan will be demerit if involved any accident.This is not good.The owner seemed want to fight and scolded Ah Geng.What If he get demerit, worried.Michelle and I went to them and tried to help Ah Geng. The owner scared us.'I'll call police you know.I want to call police'.It was climax.The owner looked fierce.Finally, Ah Geng make a deal by paying RM300.What a bad day.Big sigh,poor Ah Geng.Next,we fetch Hui Yin and went to cafe and cheer him up.Furthermore,headed to Lake Valley after a drink.Guess what? I met Xin Yuan while crossing the road!He opened the door and came to me then we talked for awhile.Unbelievable,I met him at that place.
Lake Valley and *Wind blew* our messy hair.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bukit Merah- Laketown Resort.
The Orang Utan Island which as a research centre for these endangered primates.
They are so adorable. Save them and please donate now.
Okay, tell me!Where is the another part?:) I'm looking for it.
Myself with the uniform. Don't laugh at me. I know what you think about the uniform. But, at least I look younger with that uniform.Ah-Hem,I mean maybe?Laugh-out-load!First at all, thanks to Hao Shen and Chun Lim for the yummy lunch. Oh ya, introducing my new friend, Jia Hao from Adidas which is opposite to my shop. He is such a cute guy I tell you.Yeah, Good-Bye my work place. I'll miss you! Now, time to enjoy my do-nothing day. :)
Mei liang and I
Yiying and I
My close friend, Pui Kee.