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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Second round c=

Received a phone call from my dear, :"Hey, Jia Zheng and I coming to pick you up now..."
I was like,"Gosh, I'm not ready yet... I just reach home after the birthday celebration with Hsiu Luan and Ern Hui.."
Once I stepped into Jia Zheng's car, I was busy settle down with my clothes and so on..
I was so excited that time,wondering where are we heading to ..
Soon, we reached Mid Valley.
While walking to the shopping mall..
Dren:"Hey I need to go back to the car to get something.."
Me:"Huh? What's that?"
Dren:"I left my phone in Jia Zheng's car"
Jia Zheng:"Okay, then I go in with wan li first"
Me:'Okay, I need to go washroom.."
I saw myself with a bird nest hair and tired looking..
I was thinking,"Oh Oh, It's my birthday!I should not look like this on this important day.Sigh Better go home right after lunch .."
Luckily I brought my mascara along that day, so I applied it to make myself looking better. 'Perhaps' haha..
Jia Zheng called me because I was staying too long in the washroom..
I was rushing out and went to The Gardens with him..
Jia Zheng:"I need to go to redbox "
Jia Zheng:"I need to get something from my friend"
Me:"Okay but what about Dren.."
Jia Zheng:"We will meet him somewhere after this"
Okay, once I push the door, they were singing the birthday song to me.
Yes ,all of them!
I was so surprise, I never thought they were inside the room with the birthday cake!
Thanks my lovely friends!!Truly appreciated!!!
Happy Birthday Wan Li
From : The World
Awww ♥ this to the max!
How lovely!
Birthday present from my classmates. Yeap, they knows what a girl wants.
They know me well, I definitely need this for my part time job.
Thanks to Ivy,Angel,Joko,WenQian that coming to my birthday celebration*Or name it as a Surprise birthday celebration *!
Hearttttt you guys!Special thanks to Ivy aka Spongebob lover, she purposely stay longer in KL just for my birthday celebration Aww, I'm such a lucky little girl! :)
Cool~ ^^ World Princess (me me me me) =pP
I was the world princess for 1 day. I love this name!
My birthday present from the Sungai Long gang^^
Love is in the air!
It's so great to meet all of them,seriously!! =)