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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need a break-Movie Day.

Straight away went to Mid Valley for this movie. Yes,right after my Introduction to Probability and Statistics (IPS) Mid-Term. Felt like want to kill myself for the paper. It was damn difficult!Why Sir?!
Well, Let's forget about it.Oh ya, about the movie,I am Number Four. Awesome!But,kinda looks like Jumper.However,I really like the blue hands and the powerful girl,Number Five. ;P
Something new besides chicken or beef burger?
TA-DA! Ninja Joe at The Gardens!Well,Ninja Joe serves pork burgers in 6 different flavours such as Original, Oriental, Teriyaki, Spicy,Black Pepper and Sweet&Sour .Therefore, we have a lot of options.
Okay,I know this is not something new to you.However, it's something new to me.
I enjoyed pork burger a lot and price is reasonable, each at RM.5.90.
Moreover, the more you order, the cheaper per burger costs but it quite small in serving.I tried out Teriyaki Ninja, it tasted sweet and juicy. Love it!Good news!Besides, that,you actually get RM1 discount off your total bil if your name is Joe!Cool!All you need is to present your IC during purchase.Must try!
He was overexcited!
Popiah anyone?
CRISPY popiah anyone?
For those who like popiah,let's try the Just Popiah stall.
You can find Just Popiah at LG,Mid Valley which is the pathway towards The Gardens.In front of Breadstory if I not mistaken.I just tried out the original one,seriously crispy! RM5.50 for 2 rolls, if you wish to mix with the fried popiah, it just about RM6~ Sometimes, you need to queue and wait for the order.Try it out as well! (:
By the way....
Cheap sales@Watsons. Yes buy 1 free 1,meanwhile RM11.45 per box. *Wink!*


W i l l i a m S a n辛伟廉 and I
Bangsar @ Telawi
28A, First Floor, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-8pm
Tel 03 2287 9089
Sunny day.It was actually an outdoor open house ceremony.First at all, Thanks to Julien for the job.*Love!* Amante is actually a Nail Spa and Body Care concept shop. They provided free treatments such as nail arts, aromatherapy body massages and some other services during the open house ceremony for three days..
How great if i can try it out!
By the way, this is my shoes after working.Poor thing you know. :'(
Good news huh?! So that, I have a very good reason to purchase new shoes?
Maybe.Maybe not.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exam today! =(( Wish me luck.
I'll be back!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ERA Grand Opening Event

ERA-It's actually a new branch of tuition centre in Kajang and their HQ located in Puchong.This is the first time I worked with a tuition centre. Thanks to Shin Mei for this job. We only worked for 2and half hour for 2 days and of course we worked after our bloody classes(from 11am-2pm),so called as part time job.Basically,this job is quite easy.Any idea why I like this job?LOL It's because I don't have to make up,not even some foundation*wink!*
Sometimes,I not used to it when I'm working without any make up.Weird right?
By the way, as you can see, the uniform seriously not my size. I believe that,it will be better if I get smaller size uniform. :P

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Talent Profile Casting.

Dutch Studio,TTDI.

Hey,kindly ignore my pimples.
Well,basically Dutch Studio is a Talents Casting Agency.
Received a phone call from them and invited to go for casting.The road was damn jam, luckily I still able to reach there around 2something.Rushed to TTDI after my class,thanks to my superhero-Daddy.Done my make up within a limited time.That's why the make up looked weird.
Damn regret now!*With big watery eyes*:P
Once I reached there,the admin asked me to filled up so called talent profile. Guess what?I also have to make a short video shooting.Sounds cool right,I like it.I should have do some preparation.Yes,I knew that I didn't perform it well.But, I gained a very good experience.
Hump,Good try!Cheers!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sushi Buffet Night-Tao

Frances and I

Tao is this really classic Asian cuisine.
The environment there is truly cozy =) ! And we shouldn't forget to mention about the food.
There are many variety of food there, Japanese, Thailand, Chinese and etc kind of ethnic food.
Mostly are Japanese ! Good for me cause Im a Japanese food lover MmmMmm
As for the prize, hmm still reasonable it's MYR 58++.
Everyone should go and have a try...
Everyone Deserve Good Food ! =D
Her new hairstyle.
No worries my dear, you look great! Trust me!
Do you know who he is?
TA-DA!He was my primary classmate.
He shifted to Sarawak after standard 6.
Since the graduation, this is the first time bumping into him.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid-Term Week!

Oh-oh!Hormone imbalance?
3 Mid-term examinations this week.
Good luck! :')