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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Currently. :)Applied for my epf account.Chaos!I'll only get my money when I turn to 55 years old.(As if I could live until that age.) Next, I got my salary for January.What to do next? Shopping of course! I definitely need some skin care goods due to my oily skin.
So, I bought these things for myself. Moisturizing mask and a gentle make-up remover.
Took it secretly@ Teddy Tales.See,my messy hair and oily face.Uh-oh.I'll quit my job on 28/2. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Okay,I don't look good. :D
30/1/10 A visit to Singapore. I went to Singapore with my parents. The next day(31/1) was my cousin's wedding.We went to visit some tourists hot spots before attend to the wedding event. I quite like Singapore. It's awesome.Let's pictures do the talking!
The first photo of Singapore.See.The road looks clean and nice right?Because everyone is not allowed to litter in that country.Moreover,what a nice car. I wished to have this kind of car.Laugh-out-loud.Perhaps, in my dreamland tonight.
TA-DA! Went to visit this place, Resorts World Sentosa which is the place you must visit.
Yeah, Casino!What's on your mind when I talking about casino?About money? Ops, you're wrong!Guess what?I officially can go in now.No one will stop me from entering this place.Cheers to that.
The decorations kinda classic.
An adorable notice board.Spot the 'Lake of Dreams'.Don't you think that's a nice name?
Big size guitars infront of the hotel.
I like this decoration.What do you think?
Okay,this is me.Thanks to my cousin for his 'professional' capture skills.
Something very interesting in that place. Can't see clearly? Let's zoom in the photo for the most interesting part.
That's it!Laugh-out-loud.Dad and the naked couple. :)
Goodbye Singapore.By the way, all the best to my cousin and her family. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watch out.I'll be BACK!