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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Someone please tell me what to do..
What I suppose to do to make myself better
or to save our relationship
What can I say

As you wish
Take your time to think about it
I am letting you to do so
But however,
I have no confidence that you will come back to me

I am stress
of course,
as I have no one to talk to..
My family going to a trip this weekend
I need to take care of myself and home alone

How could you....

I still could not believe that this is the truth
My hands are shaking cold
My heart is bleeding
My brain is fulfilled with a lot question marks

I still could not believe that

All my plans and stuffs are stuck now..
I find no one to help out..

It's difficult for you to just make a call or send a simple text message to explain
I just do not understand

I do not know what's happening
I bet we should give ourselves a chance to explain face to face

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